[EventCalendar] Past Event Handling

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Dec 11 10:15:44 UTC 2005

Hello Abigail,

On 11 Dec 2005, at 02:54, Abigail Larsen wrote:
> Is the Event Calendar category page supposed to be able to show  
> past events? When I click on the "Events" page link here http:// 
> www.futureworksconsulting.com/blog/2005/12/ I get a 404 at http:// 
> www.futureworksconsulting.com/blog/category/events/ because there  
> are currently no pending events. Is this intentional? Is there a  
> way to change this? It would be nice to have that history accessible.

You shouldn't get a 404, even if wordpress cannot find any posts to  
show you. The history is always available, so your "/2005/12/" link  
should work.

If you have option "Show events as blog entries" set to "Keep events  
separate", then the "/category/events/" page will only show future  
events. Yours is empty, just as it should be.

I see that you now seem to have fixed it, I don't get a 404 from your  
links. Is everything OK for you now?


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