[EventCalendar] Re: EventCalendar Digest, Vol 2, Issue 6

Abigail Larsen abby at cosmickitty.com
Sun Dec 11 18:00:01 UTC 2005

Yes, the Archive link (/2005/12/) has always worked fine. What you  
are seeing at /category/events/ is, in fact, a 404 template page ---  
I just changed the template so instead of "404" it said something  
that looked less like the site was broken ("Oops...etc."). It never  
broke out of wordpress completely or anything like that.

But I think you answered my question -- my events are separate so I  
guess the lack of future entries is the issue. Though I thought that  
I would have got the "nothing about that here" message one gets when  
there are no posts instead of a 404. I can change the 404 template  
back (so it is more obviously a 404) if you wish to look at it some  
more. But it sounds like all I could achieve would be the semblance  
of what I have going on already. :)


Abigail Larsen
info at abbylarsen.com

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