[EventCalendar] Some issues with Event Calendar

Aylwin Cal aylwin.cal at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 15:34:07 UTC 2005


I just join the mailing list so my apologies if these have been covered
before.  I've recently installed this plugin and everything seems fine.  I
have 3 entries under the "Calendar" category and one of them has already
occurred.  After the event occurred, the "Calendar" category showed up under
the category listings indicating 1 post.  However, when I click on the
category it shows the 2 future events instead of the one that had just
occurred.  Can I fix this?

You can see what I mean here: http://www.cal-family.org/blog.  The recently
occurred event was Christmas but when you click on the Calendar archive, you
see the next 2 future events.  Have I done something wrong?

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