[EventCalendar] help! getting a wp db error

Pashmina pashmina at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 04:14:07 UTC 2005


I'm on WP 2.0 and am getting a db error when I try to list event on the

I get this error:

*WordPress database error:* [Unknown column 'u.user_nickname' in 'field
SELECT p.id AS id, post_title, post_date, u.user_nickname AS author FROM
wp_posts p, wp_post2cat p2c, wp_users u WHERE post_status = 'publish' AND
post_date_gmt > '2005-12-30 00:00:00' AND p.id = post_id AND p.post_author =
u.id AND category_id = 9 ORDER BY post_date LIMIT 5

   - No events.

There is actually one event that I've posted. My settings are to post events
to Events category, keeping them seperate. And I'm using WP as my CMS, so
it's installed in the root of my website, but the blog is in /blog/
Clicking on Events category (mysite/blog/categories/events/) shows me
nothing on the page. And of course I have permalinks turned on.

Any idea what's going on?
You might see the error here, but I'm tweaking a lot, so it may not show up:

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