[EventCalendar] Re: Live calendar won't load,

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Nov 13 22:42:20 UTC 2005


(I'm CCing this to the new mailing list - I'm moving all support there.)

On 12 Nov 2005, at 02:48, John wrote:

> I'm having some kind of problem when I click back to the month of  
> October only (other months work fine).  There is some kind of  
> javascript error occurring where October's hyperlinks for each  
> relevant date don't load, and the "refresh" icon gets stuck.
> I've tried this on two different systems with the latest version,  
> and still no luck.  I've also gone to each post for October and  
> modified any subject lines so there would be no weird characters.   
> Any ideas?

You have an 'â' character in the title of a blog entry on 11th  
October. That's breaking the XML.

I'm not sure why the XML is failing. Did you a) type the character,  
or b) manually enter the HTML entity into Wordpress? If a), then try  
b) - I think it will fix your problem.

Anyway, this is definitely a bug. I'll look into it in a few months  
time, when I'm less busy. Or can somebody else fix it? - bug in  


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