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Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Nov 14 11:29:17 UTC 2005


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On 16 Oct 2005, at 15:17, Aleksey wrote:
> The EventCalendar 3.0.2 is on my sample blog site that I am putting 
> together. It is on the right sidebar. On the left sidebar is the 
> version of the standard WP's calendar thatI hacked together. Please 
> note that it uses completely different id's and classes from the 
> original, and hence there's no conflict here with running two 
> calendars at once.
> Also, please note that I have no events yet, so it's just the pure 
> calendar. The relevant configuration is "Keep events separate" and 
> "Show all posts".
> 1/ When loaded with the start (index) page, the EventCalendar shows 
> everything correctly. However when I go to the previous month 
> (September) it does not show any posts at all, even though I have them 
> on 28th and 29th of September.

Try a URL like: http:/your.blog/index.php?ec3_xml=2005_09

That should show you the XML that the JavaScript is trying to get. 
Problems with the active calendar are often due to a problem with the 

> 2/ Same as above. Additional thing is that the link in the table's 
> caption (September 2005) is now using some format that does not work 
> on my site. The original link (October 2005) was perfectly correct. 
> This link structure was configured using the WP admin panel. 
> Obviously, EventCalendar knows of it as it does use it the first time 
> around, but then it switches to some other link scheme.

Can you give me more detail? What are your settings for 'siteurl' & 
'home'? What links do you see, and where? What should they be.

> 3/ The popups don't work with my complex CSS layout design that 
> employs z-index. It works in Opera 8.5, but does not in Firefox 1.0.6 
> or Internet Explorer 6. In these the popups are shown behind the 
> actual content boxes that I have, such as the calendar itself. It is 
> difficult to spot. If you go to September, and point to mouse at the 
> 29th when I have 11 test posts, then you could see it clearly. For 
> other post days it's one post only, and the popup is completely hidden 
> behind the calendar.

So, should the plugin's CSS specify the z-layer?

> 4/ I would really want to have the 'title=""' parameter in  in 
> addition to <a> where you have it. The thing is that I color the boxes 
> where I have posts, and I would like the info shown when the mouse is 
> in the box area as well, not just when the mouse is pointed at the 
> link directly.
> 5/ I would really want to have the 'title=' parameter for the Next 
> Month and Previous Month links, both </a><a> and  as explained above.

I think WP garbled this text. Please repeat where you would like to see 
the 'title' attribute.

> 6/ Be advised that the moving cursor box does not work in Internet 
> Explorer. That's how IE works, and is hardly your bug. I have the same 
> behaviour in my tables.  :)

I don't understand this. What is the 'moving cursor box'?


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