[EventCalendar] IE crash!

Sun, Li (Yahoo) iooi_sun at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Nov 15 16:01:02 UTC 2005

I have not created my website on internet..will let you know if done.
  but I think this problem is easy to reproduce, just move your mouse 
  between 2 days quickly for SEVERAL times (5-10), every time wait
  for tool tip coming out. I got this problem on both 2k and xp.

Alex Tingle <alex at firetree.net> :
On 15 Nov 2005, at 07:51, Sun, Li ((Yahoo)) wrote:

> Since comments are now closed. May I repeat my serious problem here?
>> when I move mouse quickly between 2 days on calendar ( fast move 
>> but with >its tooltips coming out ), IE coredump!! poping up a 
>> abnormal messagebox. it >happens especially when there’s many 
>> events one day, say, 10 events.
> Did this occur to you ?

I've not seen this problem. Could you please post a link to a page 
that exhibits the problem.


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