[EventCalendar] subscribe to calendar/calendar frontend

Holly Hagen hhagen at mail.arc.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 8 20:59:03 UTC 2006

I'm wondering a couple things...

1) Eventcalendar3 offers the option of subscribing to your calender from 
iCal (OSX) or Sunbird. The only documentation I can find, say that I 
subscribe using this URL (http://your.site.url/?ec3_vcal). But when I 
try to access it I get mysql error. Has anyone been able to do this 

2) I'm trying to use wordpress strictly as a cms backend (no one will 
see the blog component) for cataloging events which would then populate 
another portal site. I have been successful with getting event posts to 
display by category,etc by grabbing the feeds. But now I want to 
intergrate to a frontend calendar as well (active calendar?). I assumed 
if I could just subscribe to the eventscalendar on the wordpress blog 
and that would work. Anyone doing anything similar?

Thanks in advance...


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