[EventCalendar] Navigation Issue with Event Calendar

TIGA31328 at cs.com TIGA31328 at cs.com
Sat Aug 12 06:51:29 UTC 2006

I think this has to be a known problem, but here goes:

I have been using Event Calendar 3.04 for several months, the navigation 
links(I place them at the top of the calendar), and when used would take you to 
the previous, or next months calendar.  However, for some reason(I haven't 
changed anything that I know of), now the calendar navigation shows the 
category(that I use for my events) page instead of the calendar refreshing to the next, 
or previous month.

I tried upping to the Beta of 3.11 to see if that would resolve the problem 
and it has not.

Any ideas?  It's driving me crazy.

Thanks much,
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