[EventCalendar] Please, help me! Next and Previous months are not showing any event days!

Danilo Laurindo danilolaurindo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 02:39:14 UTC 2006

Good night all...
I have searched all the way through Google, WP forums and most part of the
mailinglist archives... still could not find me an answer.

I have the EC 3.0.4 installed alone on WP 2.0.3. On my sidebar I call the EC
function basically by using the <?php ec3_get_calendar(); ?>
So I created this category named "Eventos" (portuguese), and set it to be
the default category for the calendar events. Also, the calendar is showing
up both events and blogs posts.

All published events for the current month, display just as they should at
the sidebar calendar. Now, when I hit the next, or previous month, to check
on upcoming events, I get nothing but an empty calendar.

The page is hosted at Dreamhost and I have not done any changes to the
source files, expect for removing the little loading gif image.

Someone please, just lead me a way to go. I don't know where else to look
for a salvation. :/

The website you can check for things is

Thanks in advance...

Danilo Laurindo
Webdesign & Customer Attendance
Cel.: (55 11) 8130-0028
danilolaurindo at gmail.com
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