[EventCalendar] Done, but with errors on page

ari justin arijustin at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 23 14:59:11 UTC 2006

I am using Event Calendar 3.0.4 with Wordpress 2.0. Event Calendar is 
displaying all my information in the event catagory correctly but I am 
getting an error. In IE 6.0 on the lower left corner of the browser I am 
getting a caution symbol saying - Done, but with errors on page, The error 
is listed as:

error: 'ec3' is undefined

I am not sure if this error can lead my page getting hacked but would like 
to fix this issue and don't know how to approach the problem. My site is at 
http://indiepunk.us. Any help that could be offered would be gretaly 

Thank You,


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