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Sun Aug 27 11:28:22 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I would kindly ask to anybody that can give an advice for the following
scenario of requirements on Wordpress customization, assuming EventCalendar
3.1Beta pluign is installed:

TARGET: to be used for a yearly schedule of concerts season

1) this week concerts/events to appear on the frontpage
2) all season's concerts/events to be posted in their browsable categories,
for ex. syphonic concerts, chamber music concerts etc.

1) assuming that I write each post today, August, for the whole year ahead,
with each post categorized how to deal with the event post date which is
earlier than the concert/event date that will be held in the next month?
Let's say differently, how to do Wordpress categorize in advance, into the
specified post category?
2) and how to to that having in mind that weekly concerts/events to appear
on the frontpage?

Thank you for reading and for your upcoming answers.
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