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Erik ikke eboelens at mac.com
Thu Feb 2 22:48:37 UTC 2006


I have 2 questions.

I don't understanding where to put ec3_get_events() ; In my template  
but I don't now which template ; Is it the sidebar template ? Like  
you say
Add the following code to your sidebar.php:

     <?php ec3_get_calendar(); ?>

sorry I'm a starter and I don't speek or understand the language good!!


Upload to your plugins folder: wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin on the plugin screen.
Change settings on the Event Calendar Options screen. You must choose  
which Wordpress category to use for events. Do this before you change  
the template.
Add ec3_get_calendar() or ec3_get_events() to your template.


When I write an event I couldn't select the categorie 'event' because  
the categorie 'event' isn't there !  I hav e made other categories  
myself but ther is no 'event categorie for select;

On the page view , the 'event' categorie is there !


The 'events' categorie is always below the calendar ! Even I select  
'above' on the option tab from Eventcalendar.

Thank you very much for your time.

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