[EventCalendar] Old Events Not Disappearing Immediately

Maria Langer mlanger at theflyingm.com
Sun Feb 5 14:59:17 UTC 2006

This just started the other day.

I have been using EventCalendar 3.0.2 with a EC hack I found on the  
WordPress site to get it to work with WP 2.0. I use it to display the  
upcoming 5 events in the sidebar of one of my sites. What it USED TO  
DO was scroll an event off the list immediately after its date/time  
had passed. So a 2/3/06 event scheduled for 9 AM would appear in the  
sidebar until 9:01 of that day. This was okay with me.

I made NO CHANGES to my site or setup and now, all of a sudden, the  
event appears in the list the next day, too. So if you look at my  
calendar on 2/4, you'd still see that 2/3 event. But on 2/5, it's gone.

I upgraded to EC 3.0.4 and added the appropriate code to classes.php.  
The calendar continues to look and act the same, so I know I did the  
upgrade right. But I still see those "old" events.

Anyone know why this might be happening? I'm new to WordPress, PHP,  
and MySQL, so it could be something so simple to you that you think I  
may have checked it. I probably haven't.

I did, however, check the date on the computer and it is correct.


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