[EventCalendar] Problem with event category listing

Ryk Groetchen windrag at mac.com
Mon Feb 6 07:05:41 UTC 2006

FWIW, I noticed this same problem with my site as well (Borderline  
Chaos theme, WP 2.0). I decided to work around it by removing the  
code for navigation links and setting the entries per page to 1000  
with the Custom Query String plugin, thereby eliminating the need for  
navigation links.

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On Feb 5, 2006, at 8:45 PM, Alex Tingle wrote:

> Hi Alwyn,
> On Mon, 6 Feb 2006 06:26:50 +0200
> Aylwin Cal <aylwin.cal at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've just noticed a problem when displaying the event category  
>> archive.  I
>> can't display the next page when the sort order is reversed (*  
>> Keep Events
>> Separate: the Event Category page shows future events, in date  
>> order.*).
>> Logically, I should get a link to 'Next entries' at the bottom of  
>> the page
>> but instead I get 'Previous entries'.  When I click 'Previous  
>> entries' I get
>> 'Not found'.  Is there any way around this?
> I don't get this problem on Wordpress 1.5. Is it specific to v2? As  
> far as I recall, EC doesn't do anything with the paged  
> functionality - WP simply relies on MySQL's ability to get the  
> first ten results in a query, or the second ten results or whatever.
> Try a different theme, and try turning off permalinks, and let me  
> know what happens. Really obvious question: Are you sure there are  
> more events?
> -Alex
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