[EventCalendar] Re: Old Events Not Disappearing Immediately

Maria Langer mlanger at theflyingm.com
Mon Feb 6 13:34:17 UTC 2006

I want it to work the way you say it SHOULD. It's nice to have  
today's events show throughout the day, especially when one is a  
holiday (an all-day event). If there's something I need to do to get  
it to do this (I'm in Arizona, USA, GMT -7), please do tell me what  
it is. If it's difficult, I'll save it for later; I'm new at all this  
PHP stuff and don't do anything that's too difficult unless I have to.

I'll check the date and time settings on my computer. It's been  
acting a little weird lately and it just might have hiccupped the  
time zone. Anything is possible.



On Feb 5, 2006, at 9:38 PM, eventcalendar-request at firetree.net wrote:

> I think the locale on your server may have changed. The behaviour  
> you describe is incorrect - today's events are supposed to pop off  
> the list at midnight, not immediately....
> If you actually WANT events to pop off as soon as they are passed,  
> then you should be able to do that easily. Is that what you want?  
> If so, I'll give you instructions.

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