[EventCalendar] Calendar issue (Safari only)

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Fri Feb 10 11:46:06 UTC 2006

Hi Ann,

Hmm. OK, I can see why you get the problem. There is an outstanding EventCalendar bug concerning Safari's representation of HTML entities in the XML data downloaded when you advance to a new month.

This problem usually manifests itself as mangled accented characters in event titles in the popup. Unfortunately for you, it's also screwing up the '&' character, which is used in Wordpress URLs when you don't use permalinks. I'll increase the priority of this bug. I had previously prioritised it as a mere cosmetic issue. Thanks for the report.

Can you turn on permalinks as a workaround?



On Fri, 10 Feb 2006 03:26:03 -0800
Super Ann <tech at superann.com> wrote:

> Latest everything right now:
> OS X 10.4.4
> WP 2.0.1
> EC 3.0.4
> Safari 2.0.3
> But I remember this being an issue with WP 1.5 and earlier versions  
> of EC 3 as well.
> 	--Ann

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