[EventCalendar] prev/next isn't working on home page

Rusty Smith rusty.smith at auburn.edu
Fri Feb 10 18:57:45 UTC 2006

Larissa - this happened to me once and it drove me crazy. You have an
address problem somehow in the inner workings of your site.


http://www.larissawebdesign.com/news/ works fine, but
http://www.larissadesign.com/news/ does not (note the "design" in the url
that works. even if the url's point to the same directory on your server,
event calendar cannot figure it out. Fix your link to larrissawebdesign and
all will be fine. PS - nice non-bloglike implementation of WordPress!


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I'm having a problem on home page. or root of wordpress.. 

Here you will see: http://www.larissadesign.com/news


Click the prev or next buttons and you will see that it adds extra months,
and you can't see any events ( I added one for march 10th, 2006)


BUT. It works great on all post or "non root" pages.  


Any ideas to fix this bug?

PS - I added the hack to classes.php. 


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