[EventCalendar] Re: Separating Event Dates and Post Dates

Benjamin Bellamy benjamin.bellamy at free.fr
Sun Feb 19 15:25:55 UTC 2006

 > Hello Benjamin,
 > Thanks for this modification!
 > It works fine, except for one thing: the calendar seems not to be 
 > properly (I use WP 2.0).
 > I get the error message:
 > [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that 
corresponds to
 > your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near
 > '(coalesce(meta_value,post_date)) AS post_date, DAYOFMONTH]
 > http://www.funprox.com/index.php/category/events/
 > Any clue what could be causing this?

That' weird, it works fine for me...

I tried the query I copied on your website and pasted it into my mysql 
server and no error occured.
The query that doesn't work on your website starts from line 596 of the 
eventcalendar3.php file.

The weirdest thing is that your event list seems to be working well... 
Maybe it comes from DAYOFMONTH function
Did the plugin worked with the original version ?

What mysql version are you using ?


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