[EventCalendar] php icalendar integration

Malcolm Bell malcolm at 3hc.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 09:05:12 UTC 2006

Thanks to Michael I've moved a step further forward and EC3 is now 
outputting valid XML.  Looking at Alex's blog before he set up this 
group it appeared that some people were reporting success in getting EC3 
to communicate with php icalendar.  I've not been able to do this so 
far.  All I've done is put the string into the config file for 
icalendar, as per the instructions.  However I note the comments there 
say is must start with webcal or http and include the .ics suffix.  I 
tried to change the ec3 script to output as .ics instead of .vcs but 
this didn't seem to have any effect on php icalendar.

I have tested icalendar with a publicly available external .ics calendar 
file and that works fine. 

I have use the full URL to my ec3 file, even though the calendar 
software is on the same server - that's something I've not experimented 
with yet.

If others have succeeded in this integration I'd be grateful for advice.



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