[EventCalendar] New to the list... with a question

Seth Dimbert seth at dimbert.net
Wed Feb 22 00:52:28 UTC 2006

First of all, I'm new, so be nice. :)

Now, here's my thing. I love WP and use it for a number of projects.  
I'm considering it for a synagogue website that a client needs, but I  
am not sure if it's up to the task. The client needs a calendar  
function and I want to know if EC will handle their needs.

They will need to schedule events in several categories (Prayer  
services, Educational events, Social events, etc). They will also  
need a list of upcoming events in the Sidebar, but only events from  
certain of the above categories. Can EC do this?

Also, is EC compatible with WPv2?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.


"Si vos teneo Latin , populus reputo vos es sapiens."

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