[EventCalendar] Double Quotes in Error?

placebo theplacebo.webadmin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 04:11:18 UTC 2006


I just signed up to the list but have been reading the archives for a 
little while. First off: thanks very much Alex for such a tremendously 
spiffy plug-in. I'm using it in the website of a non-profit youth 
organization, theplacebo.org

I'm writing because I've been trying to figure out what triggers the 
posting of an event on the main (the "blog" part, not the sidebar) page. 
Through trial and error I found out that events would appear on the main 
page an hour before they were scheduled to start (e.g., 7pm local time 
when the event is to start at 8pm; I'm at -8 GMT and my server *appears* 
to be the same) and disappear from the sidebar 24 hours later. Since 
posts in the archive seemed to suggest that the event would normally 
appear at midnight of the server time, I thought this was rather 
strange. So:

In the 3.0.3 version of event_calendar there is a variable in double 
quotes that in earlier versions would seem to have been in single 
quotes. The line is at or around line 763: 
I changed the double quotes to single and now events appear on the main 
page the moment they are to start (again, at -8 GMT.) Which caused me to 
think that before the script may have been throwing a -1 error? I'm 
fairly new to PHP/SQL so I may very well be "talking out my hat." But, I 
thought I'd mention it just in case it's helpful.

Next step is to try to get events posted to the main page at midnight or 
possibly the day before. I realize, Alex, that you're re-writing the 
plug-in, so any thing I add may be useful for only a short time, but 
it's fun trying. :) My pardons everyone if this info is redundant, I 
didn't find a mention when doing a site search via Google.


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