[EventCalendar] Sub Category Bug?

André Johansson andre.johansson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 15:42:14 UTC 2006


First of all, thanks for a great plugin! I've just started to use it
with a couple of my friends when planning our vacation trip this

However there is one thing I can't get to work and its if the event
category has sub categories in it. My layout is as follows

* Events (this is the category assigned to eventcalendar, I keep
events seperate from posts)
** World Cup
** Party
** Carnevals & Festivals

And now if I post 3 posts, and assign them the events category plus
one of the others (for eg. world cup), when I press the events
category all three posts show up. Which is correct and the way I want
it. However if I press any of the sub categories (eg. world cup) no
events are shown even though there should be one post showing!

I have the latest wordpress (2.0.1) and the latest eventscalendar
(3.0.4) installed. And I have patched Classes.php.

The error does not occur if I dont use the eventscalendar plugin so I
guess that the calendar do a bit too much filtering in some case. I've
tried to find it but I cant.

You can see the page using the calendar at www.eurotrip.se

I hope this is just a minor fix because it would be so nice to get it to work!


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