[EventCalendar] EventCalendar 3.0.3 - Compatible with WP2.0

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Jan 9 23:41:19 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I've just posted the Zip of EventCalendar v3.0.3. Download it here:


I've not blogged this yet. I'd appreciate if you guys could try it before I make it available to the wider world. It's supposed to be compatible with WP2.0, but I've not tested that, since I've not upgraded myself yet. Let me know if you have any problems.

Main changes:

 o Compatible with Wordpress 2.0 (thanks everyone)

 o Compatible with iCal 2 (thanks Heather)

 o Now works better with Wordpress pages. (thanks David Ellenwood)

 o Added per month header option to event listings.
   (See readme.txt. Thanks Jeff Morrow for the idea.)
 o Now uses 'siteurl' and 'home' correctly.
   (Thanks to Sibo Lin & Rusty Smith for putting me straight.)

 o Fixes incompatibility with PHP5.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and kind words.


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