[EventCalendar] v3.1 out soon?

Jørgen Thomsen jt at jorgent.com
Mon Jan 30 01:11:37 UTC 2006


I saw that hack, but didn't understand it. I looked at it again now, and 
tried to replace the suggested code in classes.php with the hack, but 
then my whole website got blank. But is this hack only for v3.0? On 3.0 
I got some database problems when I tried to list my events, so I don't 
know if I'll switch to 3.0.

- Jørgen

Aylwin Cal skrev:

> Hi,
> A few days ago, Alex released a patch to fix this 'Not Found' problem:
>     Thanks very much for that hack Norman. Here's a slightly improved
>     version. It uses the plugin's own mechanism for reading the
>     option, to guarantee that it gets the correct result. It doesn't
>     use a hard-coded table name. And it only requires ADDED lines,
>     which should make it a bit easier to apply by hand for those of
>     you stuck on Windows.
> I've tested it and it works for me.
> Aylwin
> On 1/29/06, *Jørgen Thomsen * <jt at jorgent.com <mailto:jt at jorgent.com>> 
> wrote:
>     Hi!
>     First, I want to thank you Alex for this great plugin! It's really
>     usefull!
>     I've just recent subscribed to the mailing list. I've read through
>     most
>     of the archive. I have wordpress 2.0, and experienced some
>     problems with
>     Event Calendar 3.0, but v 3.0.3 is working better. However, I
>     still have
>     one problem: The event category is not working. It says "Not
>     found" when
>     I click on it. I can see that some of you have the same problem.
>     I guess there's nothing to do about this, since v 3.1 is on its
>     way. So
>     I can wait. But do you know if it's out in a few days, or a few weeks?
>     I'm moving to Australia the coming Saturday, and it would be great to
>     have the calendar working on my site before I move.
>     Keep up the good work!
>     - Jørgen
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