[EventCalendar] Including Calendar Events in Search Function.

Theunis Groenewald Design Bureau contact at tmgdesign.co.za
Sat Jun 10 12:46:42 UTC 2006



Firstly, thank you to everyone who’s helped me with customising this
brilliant piece of coding. The site I’m using EventCalendar on is for my old
high school. And you’ve got no idea how thrilled they are with having a
calendar filled with everything that’s happening at the school. Once results
are available for a specific event, they just modify the post in the
WordPress administrative panel. But, I’ve got one final issue (?) I need to
address before I can say that I’m done working on the EventCalendar …


I’ve downloaded and installed two different plugins to remove events from
the Calendar category from the Recent Posts and Archives sections in the
sidebar. With the help of ejm, a little modification to the calling
functions sorted that out. But now, I need the events posted in the Calendar
category to show up in search queries. I’m guessing that doing this might
mean altering the code that keeps the script running, but my knowledge of
PHP is just enough to get me into trouble (in the last four days, I’ve had
to replace the entire Vanilla installation with the backups I made seven
times – and I was only trying to change the css files). Any help will be


By the way: As soon as time allows, I will be compiling an instructional
manual for the EventCalendar, with notes on customising and troubleshooting.
I’ve received so much help from everyone out there – this will be my
contribution to the community. I will be contacting everyone who’s helped me
for permission to use excerpts from their messages …


As always, best regards.




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