[EventCalendar] Multiple Event Categories hack

sosuke sosuke at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 07:39:45 UTC 2006

So I read at a few points that EventCalendar 3.1 was on its way, but I
decided to start mangling some code to get multiple event categories to

Open eventcalendar3.php near line 525;
  // Which posts are we interested in?
    // Category ID number for event posts.
    $where_post = "category_id IN ('$ec3->event_category','14')";

I changed $where_post to add another category, this category will show up in
the calendar now!

Also update line 540 to incorperate the same code so the date will be

  $calendar_entries = $wpdb->get_results(
         DAYOFMONTH(post_date) AS day,
         MONTH(post_date) AS month,
         YEAR(post_date) AS year,
         (category_id IN ('$ec3->event_category','14')) AS is_event
       FROM $tableposts,$tablepost2cat
       WHERE post_date >= '$begin_date'
         AND post_date <  '$end_date'
         AND post_status = 'publish'
         AND id = post_id
         AND $where_post
       ORDER BY post_date ASC"

Each of my Event categories I want to add will be entirely seperate
categories, no sub-categories, I did this so I could exclude some categories
from showing up where I did not want them.

To add each category to show up like the events open
eventcalendar3.phpagain near line 1032;
  $ec3->is_listing =
    (preg_match("/\bcategory_id\s*=\s*'?['$ec3->event_category',3', '4',
'14', '8', '9']'?\b/",$where) ||


I changed
preg_match("/\bcategory_id\s*=\s*'?$ec3->event_category'?\b/",$where) || to
add the extra categories.

Each category I want to show up in the calendar view I make sure that they
are part of the Event category as well as their own.

Hope this helps until we get the new release!

I also posted this in my blog: http://www.sosuke.com/?p=7

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