[EventCalendar] Links: events list vs. calendar

Nick Grossman nickgrossman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 16:50:08 UTC 2006


I've got the Event Calendar running on a new site: www.streetsblog.org

Things are going well; I just have one question: When I use the
ec3_get_calendar() function (on the category page:
www.streetsblog.org/category/events), the links come out like this:


but when I use the ec3_get_events() function (in the sidebar on every
page), they come out like this:


Both links bring you to the same event, except that the first link
contains the mini calendar and description (since it's filed under the
Events category and I'm using a custom template).

I would like the links from ec3_get_events() to do the same. Is this possible?

Thanks for the help!

Nick Grossman

"This might not strike you as an intellectual bombshell," William H.
Whyte liked to say, "but people like to sit where there are places for
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