[EventCalendar] broken event page

Matthew Binkowski matt at mattbinkowski.com
Sat Jun 24 05:35:47 UTC 2006


I just joined the list, and without a list search function to use,  
I'm hoping this question isn't a nuisance. Basically, I have the  
plugin installed and operating just fine. The one issue I have is  
that when the user clicks an event in the list (which appears in the  
sidebar of the page), the link leads the user to the full page for  
that event. That works fine. What doesn't work properly is the  
formatting of the page. It seems that the plugin breaks the page  
layout by placing the sidebar list content underneath yet outside the  
post content.

To see this in action, please go to http://www.barbararubright.com  
and click on any event in the right sidebar.

Can anyone please provide guidance on this bug? I have made no mods  
to the code except for the "get it to work under 2.0" code as  
suggested at the main event calendar plugin page.


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