[EventCalendar] events in Aug don't display if...

Bertha bertha at yetta.net
Sat Jun 24 16:21:11 UTC 2006

"If I tell it to only display 2 months (it's currently June), it displays 
June's and July's events ok.  But when I hit the "Aug>>" navigation link, 
it displays Aug's calendar, but no events for August."

Yah, I asked about the same issue a while ago; I don't think anyone knows 
how to fix it.  It also doesn't show events for the previous month.

The problem seems to be in the javascript; the first month displays fine 
because it's just coming up as HTML, but when you want to page into the 
next/previous months the javascript kicks in and something goes wrong.  
Unfortunately I don't know javascript well enough to troubleshoot.

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