[EventCalendar] EventCalendar BETA v3.1._pre16 Released

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Oct 8 21:21:26 UTC 2006

Hi there,

Version 3.1 is now basically feature complete. Hopefully this will be
the last beta before the stable release. Please remind me on any
outstanding bugs that have not been dealt with.

 DOWNLOAD: http://sf.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=176316

Quite a few things have changed since v3.1._pre15, so expect a few new
gremlins have crept in too. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks to everyone for their help and support. Special thanks this time
to out three translators Gerjan Boer, Marc Schumann and Realf Ording
Helgesen, and to Steve Winton.

The translations need correcting now, as I've been changing things and
adding extra controls. It would be great if you could give them a look
over. Anyone else who wants to contribute a translation: go for it! I
don't anticipate that the string list will change very much from now on.





Timezone support added.
Translations now available.
Bugs fixed.


Times in exported iCalendar files are now converted from the local
timezone into UTC. The local timezone is either taken from WordPress'
"offset hours" setting, or you can set it explicitly on the
EventCalendar Options screen. WordPress doesn't know anything about
daylight savings, so it's better to choose a timezone.

Relative dates are now timezone aware. This means that events will
remain on the upcoming events list until the end of the LOCAL day,
rather than the end of the GREENWICH day.

K2 sidebar module is now split into two; 'Event Calendar' and 'Upcoming
Events'. It now matches the 'Sidebar Widgets' organisation.

Fixed 404 with no future events. (Thanks to Steve Winton for reporting
the problem.)

No longer relies upon 'IGNORE' syntax in MySQL 4.1+. Some people do
insist on using old versions.

Uses webcal:// protocol for iCal link on Mac OS X.

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