[EventCalendar] newby questions

Bill Gram-Reefer worldviewpr at astound.net
Fri Oct 20 16:54:14 UTC 2006

Can I import events already posted using WP-iCal 20060901

into EventCalendar for WP2x?


I use 3K2 and want to clarify that after I activate plugin, it should  
show up in the K2 Module manipulator OK?

Can anyone provide a list of sites that are running EC3 on WP 2+? So  
I can check it out. I have a test site sandbox and want to start to  
play with this.

Is there a calendar page per se? that lists posts designated as  

I am happy with WP Ical but want some calendar GUI on the page rather  
than just via vcal subscription

My site is http://halfwaytoconcord.com

and I would place this calendar in the middle of the lsidebar where  
the graphic is currently that links to the calendar page.

Bill Gram-Reefer
worldviewpr at astound.net

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