[EventCalendar] three issues

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sat Oct 28 11:18:06 UTC 2006

Hi Craig,

Thanks for trying the release candidate and raising these points.

On Sat, 28 Oct 2006 02:34:11 -0400
"Craig Rothman" <cjroth at mit.edu> wrote:

> I am using WP 2.0.4 with ECrc4
> 1) For events that go say from Saturday at 10pm to Sunday at 2am, then on
> the calendar sidebar it shows the event being on both Saturday and Sunday
> and when you highlight over both Saturday and Sunday it says "Event Name
> (10:00 pm)"  which could lead one to believe that the same event is at 10 pm
> on Sunday as well as Saturday.  I don't know what the solution to this is,
> but maybe just show the first day of the event.

I agree, that is confusing. I'll see what can be done.

> 2) When you highlight over the days in the calendar, the event popup doesn't
> list the events sorted by starting time, it should be sorted.

It does for me. Can you provide a URL where I can see it for myself.

Are you sure this isn't an example of your problem #1?

> 3) I still like to put some of my posts with a future timestamp, and I know
> that when you click on a date in the calendar you get a not found error,
> which I'm fine with, but this wordpress error also appears:
> *WordPress database error:* [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the
> manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to
> use near 'ORDER BY menu_order ASC' at line 1]
> SELECT ID, post_title, post_name FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status='static'
> AND post_parent= ORDER BY menu_order ASC
> I am using MySQL 4.1.13a-log

This doesn't sound like it's a problem with EventCalendar. Can you try
turning off the plug-in and going back to the troublesome URL. Do you
still get this error?


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