[EventCalendar] Events category not listing events - 404 error(s)...

Jeremy Ciaramella merlynx at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 17:57:08 UTC 2007


I sent this without a subject, so resending it with a subject...oops.

New to this list.  This plugin is perfect for our church websites.
Recently, updated a few church websites with "Ella" wp 2.1 and then updated
the Event Calendar plugin to 3.1.  

I have followed the instructions here:
(The vSlider2.1 theme has the wp_head() tag in the header.php file)

The events category consistently displays the 404 error.

But the system has events in it:

I've tried installing widgets and using them to configure these - no avail.
If you click on the "Events" category, nothing will show up - if you have
events set "Keep Events Separate".  If you change that to "Events Are Normal
Posts", then when you click on the "Events" category you'll see them.  The
event posts also clutter the home page in this case.

Basically - how do you set up event calendar so that when someone clicks on
the event category they see the events listed but these events do not act
like normal posts on the front page?

I've looked through your mailing list and documentation and I am unable to
find a resolution - maybe it's something very obvious - suggestions and
advice greatly appreciated!  

Thanks again,

Jeremy Ciaramella

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