[EventCalendar] Output for calendar on feed2js has spaces removed

Ray Petrie ray at heritagepark.com
Thu Feb 1 20:50:16 UTC 2007


I'm trying to send my wordpress 2.05   eventcalendar3 3.1.0  to a web
display using the feed2js.org php routine.   The display shows the channel,
title and description (content) okay on the web page, but the date of the
event has problems.  The date start and end time appears in front of the
description with the [] brackets missing and the spaces removed. It is hard
to read so I thought it would be easy to track it down, but I believe it may
relate to an array in the feed2js.php.

Anyone have an idea how to substitute the brackets with another character in
the date output of  wordpress rss?

If this can be corrected it will serve as an easy way for users to update a
calendar of events and have it dispersed with an rss feed.  I've already
dealt with issues of correcting the display order and expiring the old

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