[EventCalendar] Answered my own question. Now I have another...

Matt Dawson matthewtdawson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 17:09:04 UTC 2007

Hi everyone -


Yesterday I asked if anyone had any advice on using the query generated by
clicking on an event day in the calendar to generate a date somewhere else
on the page. Well, I ended up with a solution that works for me. Your
mileage may vary, as my system is now pretty well hacked.

For anyone else who may want to do something similar in the future, here's
the code:

<h2> <!-- or whatever else you want to wrap your echoed time in --->
$date_string = $_GET['m'];
$ouput_date =strtotime("$date_string");
echo date("F j",$output_date);

Check it out by clicking on a date in the calendar at www.prismcac.org (site
still very much in beta mode ;) )


When you click on a day in the calendar with multiple events, the query
(?m=20070205&cat=3, for example) displays the posts with the closest event
at the bottom, which is the opposite of what I would expect. While not a
bug, wouldn't it make sense to reverse this in the code?

I've found that if I manually change the query to this:


then it does work without a hitch. So my question is: where in the plugin
can I add that little extra parameter?  What file and what line?

Thanks for your help!

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