[EventCalendar] Bug report - calendar links generate page with events AND events posted that day

Matt Dawson matthewtdawson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 13:27:53 UTC 2007

Hello all -

A fellow lister and I started debugging an issue last night that I thought
only he was having. Then I realized it's something that all users could
create; many probably just don't bump into it.

The issue can be seen on my site:


The problem occurs on February 5th in the event calendar. The link queries
on m=20070205&cat=3. The expected behavior from the user would be that only
events on that day would appear. And in fact on hover, the popup shows the
correct events on that date. There's only one.

But if you click on the date, a page is generated (in my case, using
index.php of my theme) that lists all events entered on that day. It's clear
when you get to the page that something's up, though, because most of the
events there say they occur on a date other than February 5th.

I get what's happening; the query mentioned above is pulling both posts with
that post date and posts with that event date.

I would think that EC3's Keep Events Separate Option would alleviate this
problem but it doesn't - I currently have that option turned on.

Is there any way to keep this query from pulling both post post dates and
post event dates, and restrict it only to pulling the latter?

Thanks for your help!


ps - The behavior can also be seen on a site being developed by the lister I
was talking to about this. www.the1880.com/?cat=15 (problem also occurs on
Feb 5).
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