[EventCalendar] Events showing twice - categories don't work

Paula Currie pacurrie at plymouth.edu
Tue Feb 6 14:20:59 UTC 2007

Hi and thank you for the fantastic plugin... Not sure if I am not doing 
something right or that the calendar wasn't designed to function the way 
I am hoping.

My issues:

1) Events are showing up twice; once for the day the event takes place 
on and again on the date that the event was posted on.

2) The category links in the sidebar do not work...when you save an 
event under an additional category other than "Events" you won't be able 
to retrieve it by clicking on the Category link in the sidebar.

Settings:  show schedule, keep events separate, only show events.  My 
beta site:  http://thisweek.blogs.plymouth.edu/

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!!



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