[EventCalendar] Bug report - calendar links generate page with events AND events posted that day

Brian Bogardus brian.the.red at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 14:38:44 UTC 2007

I cannot duplicate this issue using EC3.1 and WP 2.0.6, so I'm
guessing this is related to the new version of WordPress. I read
somewhere where for 2.1 they tweaked some of tables in the database,
maybe this is the issue?


On 2/6/07, Matt Dawson <matthewtdawson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all -
> A fellow lister and I started debugging an issue last night that I thought
> only he was having. Then I realized it's something that all users could
> create; many probably just don't bump into it.
> The issue can be seen on my site:
> www.prismcac.org
> The problem occurs on February 5th in the event calendar. The link queries
> on m=20070205&cat=3. The expected behavior from the user would be that only
> events on that day would appear. And in fact on hover, the popup shows the
> correct events on that date. There's only one.
> But if you click on the date, a page is generated (in my case, using
> index.php of my theme) that lists all events entered on that day. It's clear
> when you get to the page that something's up, though, because most of the
> events there say they occur on a date other than February 5th.
> I get what's happening; the query mentioned above is pulling both posts with
> that post date and posts with that event date.
> I would think that EC3's Keep Events Separate Option would alleviate this
> problem but it doesn't - I currently have that option turned on.
> Is there any way to keep this query from pulling both post post dates and
> post event dates, and restrict it only to pulling the latter?
> Thanks for your help!
> Matt
> ps - The behavior can also be seen on a site being developed by the lister I
> was talking to about this. www.the1880.com/?cat=15 (problem also occurs on
> Feb 5).
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