[EventCalendar] HELP! Sudden javascript meltdown

Ray Petrie ray at heritagepark.com
Mon Feb 12 19:28:29 UTC 2007

Matt, That is a bug I mentioned it a while back.  Apparently there is no fix
at this time.  The problem is the same as mine.  The browser must have the
same address as listed in your setting on wordpress.
http://www.prismcac.org is not the same as http://prismcac.org

At least it is a known issue.  Make sure you have the correct setting in
WordPress Options and use only those URLs.

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  Hi all -

  The calendar on my site has suddenly gotten VERY wonky. It was working
perfectly fine yesterday, and now all of a sudden, when you hit the
month-by-month nav links, instead of replacing the current month's calendar
with the next (or previous) month's calendar, it renders a new calendar
BELOW the current month's calendar. Since I didn't do anything to any of the
EC files, I'm totally perplexed as to what might be causing this.

  See it in action at www.214arts.org.

  Any ideas?

  The one thing I did change: I changed URL's. The site is still in the same
root folder on my hosting server, but now a different URL is pointing to
that folder, and the old URL is redirecting to that new URL. Could that
possibly have something to do with it?

  Thanks for your help!

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