[EventCalendar] HELP! Sudden javascript meltdown

Matt Dawson matthewtdawson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 19:24:27 UTC 2007

Oh, hallelujah. That fixed it. I can live with this bug - it's got a nice,
tidy little answer.

Thank you!!!

On 2/12/07, Ray Petrie <ray at heritagepark.com> wrote:
>  Matt, That is a bug I mentioned it a while back.  Apparently there is no
> fix at this time.  The problem is the same as mine.  The browser must have
> the same address as listed in your setting on wordpress.
> http://www.prismcac.org is not the same as http://prismcac.org
> At least it is a known issue.  Make sure you have the correct setting in
> WordPress Options and use only those URLs.
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> Hi all -
> The calendar on my site has suddenly gotten VERY wonky. It was working
> perfectly fine yesterday, and now all of a sudden, when you hit the
> month-by-month nav links, instead of replacing the current month's calendar
> with the next (or previous) month's calendar, it renders a new calendar
> BELOW the current month's calendar. Since I didn't do anything to any of the
> EC files, I'm totally perplexed as to what might be causing this.
> See it in action at www.214arts.org.
> Any ideas?
> The one thing I did change: I changed URL's. The site is still in the same
> root folder on my hosting server, but now a different URL is pointing to
> that folder, and the old URL is redirecting to that new URL. Could that
> possibly have something to do with it?
> Thanks for your help!
> Matt
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