[EventCalendar] New subscriber, quick question - reoccuring events?

Bertha bertha at yetta.net
Wed Feb 14 23:29:17 UTC 2007

> I'm sure this has been rolled over many times over the list already...as I did see it in the readme list for future additions...
> I am just wondering if there is an expected timeline for implementing reoccuring events?  I am in the middle of moving a school club site entirely to WP, but am badly needing this calendaring functionality before I make the changeover.

It's available in EC 3.1.  With this version, instead of editing the post 
timestamp, you get an EC-specific area below the post where you can edit 
the event times and dates, and a + where you can just add another date for 
the same event.  It's a lot nicer than entering the same event over and 
over and over.

BTW Alex, great plugin, if I haven't mentioned it earlier.  We're using it 
on our swim team's site to list practice schedules (raleighracers.org).  
We hacked the code just a a titch so we could display a separate full-page 
calendar without having to install any other plugins; works a treat.  
Muchas gracias!

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