[EventCalendar] ordering events category: one step closer - SIMPLE question

npessoa at umich.edu npessoa at umich.edu
Thu Feb 15 22:19:46 UTC 2007

Ok, sorry for the follow-up post, but I think I may be headed in the 
right direction. I got it to work by creating a custom template named 
category-3.php (the # of my events category) and inserting the <php> 
for the upcoming list...

But that returns the ultra-slimmed down version of the events, not the 
full posts, which are what I need.

If I put this query in the URL window (without the custom template) I 
can get the events to sort by title:


I would like to try replacing "title" with whatever EC3's expiration 
date is called in the code (it could be end_date, end, post_end_date or 
whatever... I'm just not sure).

If anyone knows what "parameter" I can use in the query string, please 
let me know. thanks!

(PS: Alex, I'm sorry if my previous message went straight to your email 
account - that was a mistake.)


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