[EventCalendar] ordering events: a few last formatting questions

npessoa at umich.edu npessoa at umich.edu
Fri Feb 16 05:57:49 UTC 2007

Hi, all:

Thanks for all the help, I'm glad I was able to get EC3 to work. A few 
final questions (I'll try to be as clear as possible):

1. With "Keep Events Separate," is the Events category supposed to be 
empty? Under each event title, when I click on 'Filed Under Events,' it 
says "Sorry, no posts were found." Just checking to make sure i didn't 
screw something up.

2. How can I edit the appearance of the upcoming list so it includes a 
few more lines of information? (Like a mini post, formatted in the same 

3. How can I remove "all day" from the upcoming list?

Here's the example link: http://www.harpjas.com/wp/?ec3_after=today

Thank you!

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