[EventCalendar] ordering events: a few last formatting questions

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Fri Feb 16 16:37:29 UTC 2007


On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 00:57:49 -0500
npessoa at umich.edu wrote:

> Hi, all:
> Thanks for all the help, I'm glad I was able to get EC3 to work. A few 
> final questions (I'll try to be as clear as possible):
> 1. With "Keep Events Separate," is the Events category supposed to be 
> empty? Under each event title, when I click on 'Filed Under Events,' it 
> says "Sorry, no posts were found." Just checking to make sure i didn't 
> screw something up.

No it's not supposed to be empty. With "Keep Events Separate" the
category page is supposed to be the same as ?ec3_after=today

I think the problem is that you are still running v3.1.0 on that site.
(Look in the HTML, you'll see that it says "3.1.0"). Try deleting ALL of
the EC files and reinstalling 3.1.1.rc1.

> 2. How can I edit the appearance of the upcoming list so it includes a 
> few more lines of information? (Like a mini post, formatted in the same 
> way).

As someone else said, you can't do that with the Upcoming Events widget.
Add a call to ec3_get_events() directly in your sidebar.php. You can set
the parameters to format the list in (almost) any way you like.

> 3. How can I remove "all day" from the upcoming list?

See 2.

> Here's the example link: http://www.harpjas.com/wp/?ec3_after=today


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