[EventCalendar] Category Issue with EC3.11rc1

Daddo d at driftkikker.com
Sat Feb 17 21:19:38 UTC 2007


I find your plug-in immensely handy, and I think it's the best event plug-in
for the WP so far, however having said that I must admit that I've run into
a little snag.
When I installed 3.11rc1 and gave it a category everything that was in that
category prior to the instalment of EC3 disappeared from it, well not quite
disappeared but it got hidden, even after I tried to give to the old posts a
event field.
I'm also using ELA (extended live archives) and this one sees all the posts
in the categories, so I'm guessing that there could be the answer to the
coding problem. I wish I new more about .php .ajax .java ect and give you a
finished solution, but unfortunately this is not my field, my only hope is
that the information that I provide will be of some use to you.
Keep up the great work,

Many friendly greetings, Daddo

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