[EventCalendar] Date passed, events didn't expire?

npessoa at umich.edu npessoa at umich.edu
Wed Feb 21 05:08:26 UTC 2007

Hello, everyone:

I appreciate the feedback I've received from this group so far, so 
here's the newest development: I had a few test events I'd added to the 
harp site where I've been testing out EC3, and one of these was a 
concert listed for February 19. I set the expiration date for February 
20th at 1900 hrs, and was surprised to see the event still listed at 
the top of the page where I have this query:


As I write this, it's after midnight, so it's now Feb. 21. What gives?

Am I doing something wrong?

(Incidentally, although Alex recommended I use the latest version, 
3.1.1, I've found that whenever I try to do that the Add Date function 
in the write post page doesn't work (nothing happens when I click the + 
sign, and it says a function is undefined). Hence the reason for still 
using 3.1.0.

Any ideas on why the Feb. 19th concert is still showing up as a future event?


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