[EventCalendar] Future Posts missing

UNCOOLKIDS uncoolkids at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 13:01:13 UTC 2007

I saw this post:
from another person whose future events were missing and you responded by
telling them that he should "rename his directory", because "Either your
Wordpress address is set incorrectly (in General Options) or your
EventCalendar plug-in is installed in the wrong directory."

My future events also disappeared after I upgraded to WP2.1 and
EC3.11rc1but i don't think that is my problem.

My future posts did all switch from Published to Drafts when I did the
upgrade. But I have gone in (with some of them) and republished.

I am also having problems with the "Event Editor", it doesn't seem to work
at all, whatever I input is gone the next time I look at it.

Hope you can help.

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