[EventCalendar] FW: link structure, order by event date rather than by date posted

sminc sminc.mail at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 06:07:19 UTC 2007

I am new to this plugin.  Is there a more appropriate means of support?  I
sent the blow email a couple days ago and never saw a response.  Anyone have
any ideas?



Nice plugin idea.  There are some issues I would need to work out before
using it on a production site.


I exclusively use the Semiologic Pro CMS.

I see a way to disable the Events Calendar from including posts in the
calendar, to only include events, and that works, so that the day the event
was posted or other posts do not show in the calendar. BUT doing so trashes
the nice way the events were linked. If the calendar includes all posts as
well as events, the link format is url.com/date/year/mo/day/ If the calendar
only has events in it, then the format of the link is
url.com/?m=yeardaymo&cat=cat#. A very bad link structure.  I refreshed the
permalink structure and cleared cache just in case this had anything to do
with it and sadly it did not.  Any ideas on this?

The other much more annoying issue is the fact that if I click upon a date
in the calendar that has an event, it takes me to an archive page with event
links arranged by the date posted, not the date the event will be.  This is
very aggravating.  If I have an event that is on March 12 for example and is
on the calendar for March 12, and I click on the date March 12 I go to a
page that has links listed there under February 19 because that's when the
event was posted.  That makes no sense at all to a visitor, they are going
to wonder why they could click on March 12 yet be taken to the events for
February 19, because that is what it looks like happened. 


Finally, the box containing the schedule does not display nicely on my blog,
it is as wide as the page and the left line is missing all together.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.  You have a really nice plugin.  I
hope I can make it work.



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