[EventCalendar] Create Page with Events Only

adamSoho at adamSoho . com adamsoho at adamsoho.com
Thu Feb 22 19:03:06 UTC 2007

You can use one of the plugins that allows php to display in posts 
(runPHP works for me, but you have to disable the rich text editor to 
use it IIRC).  Then, in the body of the post just place the call that 
you cant to ec3.


Justin Bugajski wrote:
> I'm pretty new to WP and EC, so excuse the lame question if it's obvious to
> everyone.
> How I create a page that lists only the events category?
> Something like using this:
> http://blog.address/?ec3_days=7
> Only not using a link, but embedded in the page code so you click a nav
> button in the header and the page that comes up displays all the event
> details/posts...
> Thanks!
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